A downloadable game for Windows

  • RL Stine's 1983 Twistaplot classic reborn as a digital adventure
  • Journey through Dragonwalk and wield the Golden Sword to defeat the evil sorceror Ravenhurst
  • 23 endings across 94 pages of sword-swinging action
  • Brought to life by over 30 full-screen illustrations

F1: Display help screen 

F2: Toggle sound effects

Space/LMB: Advance text

LMB: Choose path


Created for CGA Jam as a fan project. No profit is being made from the work of RL Stine or Scholastic. Just a tribute driven by a childhood love of reading and interactive fiction.

The jam build is about 90% complete - I'd still like to add a save/load system, music/better sound and some additional art.

Install instructions

1. Unzip anywhere
2. Run gsword.exe


GoldenSword.zip 14 MB

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